How to use

Please remove the resistant spill shade and add enough water near to the scale line but do not add water beyond the scale line.
If left unused for a long period, please unplug the power adapter and pour out the water in the water tank to avoid bacterial growth.
Click and Play- Keeping Life Simple
The Light is ready from the moment it is taken out of the box. All you need to do is add water and turn it on.
Left Button
  • Quick Single Click: Adjusting colour, seven colour in total.
  • Press and hold the button can adjust the light to breathing light or always on.
Middle Button:
  • Press and hold the button more than 3 seconds to switch on/off the machine.
  • Quick single click can adjust the machine to either output water or light up.
Right-most button:
  • Quick single click to adjust the brightness of the light, there are three levels of brightness.
  • Double quick clicks to adjust the water flow speed.

If the Rain does not drip down

The aperture is relatively small and the water has a tension effect. If the machine did not turn on for a long time, due to the tension effect, water would not drip down in some aperture after the restart. User can shake the machine slightly or use the provided metal wire to help pass through the small holes.

  • Iron wire:which can be used to pass through small holes
  • A small brush:which can be used to clean the impurities
  • Type C cable:which need to be connected with 5V adapter.
  • User Manual: Please read before Use
Spill Resistant
 Our research identified the most common problem of traditional indoor water features – damaging water spillage. We did two things to counter this problem:
  • The Rainning Light was engineered in a precise manner so that the Rain dropps directly from one layer to the next without spilling.
  • We designed an outer shade that would stop water droplets from spilling outside.