1. Choose Location For Diffusing

Pick an open area in a room or office with a solid surface or tabletop. You will need an outlet to plug it in. Also, since water is being used, it is good to have a placemat or towel down if you are using on a wood surface.

2. Add Water To Your Diffuser

Once you have your place picked out, fill your diffuser water tank to the fill line of the water reservoir with clean tap water that is room temperature.

*DO NOT OVERFILL or your aroma diffuser may not run properly.

3. Add Aromatherapy Oils

Next, add 3-10 drops of oasis aroma oils to the water. You can use a single  oil like lavender, or an essential oil blend. 

Usually, 6 drops of oil is enough but sometimes you may want more oil for a stronger scent. You can experiment with the essential oil amounts to see what you prefer.

4. Turn On and Enjoy the scent fill your space.

Here are more reasons to turn on an aromatherapy diffuser in your home:

  • Scent a room
  • Cleanse the air
  • Boost immunity
  • Promote energy and focus
  • Calm stress and anxiety